I consider myself creative rather than designer. Wedding dressmaker. I believe in sewing in its purest meaning. Through my wedding dresses I claim the profession of yesteryear, the one that our grandmothers put into practice. I like to understand the shapes and volumes. I analyse the female body to understand it in all its beauty and proportion.

At our bridal atelier in Madrid we carry out authentic handcraft sewing and bespoke for brides. We also create a collection of wedding dresses in continuous development due to the expansion and the increase in demand. All the wedding dresses are entirely designed and made in our atelier.

I take pride in the small part of my universe that I have moved it to Paris. The most special pieces of the Vintage Couture collection are kept in a beautiful showroom in the city of love. These designs are made in a traditional way in our bridal atelier in Madrid.

When I am not in the workshop or teaching Pattern Designing and Tailoring at the Nebrija University in Madrid, you will find me wandering around nature or reading without stopping Art and Fashion books. I daily observe, analyse and study the stories that inspire me to create unique and exclusive designs for my brides.

“Bringing the past into our day. Transmitting the reflexes of our memory. And highlighting the imprint of other times … It is something that has always fascinated me and that I am fortunate to be able to do through my dresses.

Working with history, and especially with love stories, is exciting. Every day I find new anecdotes and, it’s not crazy, clothes talk, transmit, and excite. But more than the outfit, the textile. And specifically the lace and embroidery.

The lace and embroidery suggests memories of childhood, tradition, craftsmanship, patience … Yes, a lot of patience. A special sound, chatter, wisdom, laughter and, above all, delicacy.

Fundamentally I am moved by the fact of being part, even a small part, of something as magical, chemical, instinctive and at the same time human, as love.

That’s why I like to intertwine the past with the present. So that we can continue to tell stories full of unique and unrepeatable moments. From my point of view all this can not be forgotten or stored in attics, trunks or storage rooms.

For me the dress is history, art and design, alive and full of crosses of different generations with an enormous emotional and artistic value.”