Welcome to the beginning of your great story. Your dream. Your wedding dress.
At Laura Escribano’s workshop, bridal atelier in Madrid, we make bespoke wedding dresses through a handmade and totally personalised process. We give shape to your dream wedding dress starting from scratch to finish creating a unique and exclusive design for you.

How we make bespoke wedding dresses at Laura Escribano Atelier

  1. Every story begins with the booking of a prior appointment about six or seven months before the wedding. Laura Escribano will contact you personally. She will ask you about the wedding and the style you want for your wedding dress. We will make an appointment and from that moment on, we will begin to sew together the design you have always dreamed of.
  2. During the first appointment (2-3 hours), Laura Escribano will examine your body through different ‘Toiles’. At this first meeting, we will make the first decisions: necklines, lengths, widths, hang, and so on. In addition to this, we will try different compositions of lace, embroidery and antique fabric. We will also show you fabrics base and fantasy of the highest quality. We will model these fabrics creating different options for your wedding dress. You will leave the atelier with a very sharp idea of how your dress will be.
  3. At the second appointment (2 hours) we will settle on even more the final cut, materials and composition of your wedding dress, and we will measure your body as well.
  4. We will send you the budget and a personalised fashion sketch. If you agree this information, we will request 50% of the total budget through bank transfer. From that moment on, we will begin to make your dress in our bridal atelier in Madrid.
  5. Three dress fittings are usually completed, but more can be scheduled. We do not have a limit. We will make all the dress fittings that you need so that your wedding dress is perfect. The dates for these fittings are arranged between you and the atelier. Each dress fitting will decrease in time, the first fitting lasts two or three hours, and the last one just one hour.
  6. The other 50% of the total budget is requested before the delivery of the wedding dress.
  7. We delivery worldwide your wedding dress. Check the shipping costs.