Wedding dresses with a Bohemian Folk spirit

Laura Escribano modelando un vestido de novia


24 febrero, 2018

Working with history and especially with love stories is exciting. Every day I find new anecdotes. And it’s not crazy. The clothes speak. Transmit. Excite.

Laura Escribano designs, sketches, models and sews. A dressmaker and designer, she is a true champion of sewing in its purest sense. She claims the profession of old, understanding shapes and volumes. She analyzes the female body to the millimeter and understands it in all its beautiful complexity. Laura Escribano shapes the dreams of brides who come to her atelier looking for a special design that is unique and exclusive. In her workshop in Tres Cantos (Madrid), authentic handcrafted sewing for brides is made. The dressmaker and designer works with fabrics ranging from 1850 to 1930, recovering impressive lace, precious stones and old embroidery.

The goal of Laura Escribano is to rescue the tradition of making handmade and tailor-made dresses, to create designs full of beauty, unique and exclusive. The fabrics that pass through your hands hold incredible stories that hope to take on new life in the body of today’s brides, through modern creations with Bohemian Folk spirit. In addition to custom work, the atelier has a collection of wedding dresses in continuous development, designed and made entirely in the workshop.

Laura Escribano Atelier, the beauty of the exclusive

All the materials and fabrics that are worked with in the atelier are timeless and beautiful pieces that take on new life through the hands of the professionals who form the Laura Escribano team. The work of the Madrid dressmaker is impregnated with lightness, delicacy and exquisite attention to detail that is rarely found in the mass production of wedding dresses. In addition, all the materials and fabrics that work in the atelier are free of chemicals, are natural, ecological and are not allergic to the skin.

The great acceptance of her designs has allowed her to expand her business to Paris. Laura Escribano inaugurates this month of September her first point of sale in the city of love. Her designs from the permanent collection will reflect the savoir faire of the dressmaker in the atelier of the accessory designer Olga Vallecillos.

Of restless, tireless and creative mind, Laura Escribano proposes new challenges for this season. In this way, she will be part of the teaching team of the Universidad Nebrija de Madrid teaching classes in Pattern and Confection, a core subject and compulsory degree in Fashion Design.

Laura Escribano modelando un vestido de novia

Note from the designer

Bringing the past into our day. Transmitting the reflexes of our memory. And highlighting the imprint of other times … It is something that has always fascinated me and that I am fortunate to be able to do through my dresses.

Working with history, and especially with love stories, is exciting. Every day I find new anecdotes and, it’s not crazy, clothes talk, transmit, and excite. But more than the outfit, the textile. And specifically the lace and embroidery.

The lace and embroidery suggests memories of childhood, tradition, craftsmanship, patience … Yes, a lot of patience. A special sound, chatter, wisdom, laughter and, above all, delicacy.

Fundamentally I am moved by the fact of being part, even a small part, of something as magical, chemical, instinctive and at the same time human, as love.

That’s why I like to intertwine the past with the present. So that we can continue to tell stories full of unique and unrepeatable moments. From my point of view all this can not be forgotten or stored in attics, trunks or storage rooms.

For me the dress is history, art and design, alive and full of crosses of different generations with an enormous emotional and artistic value.

I work with different lace and old textiles, which by themselves are small jewels, recovering them and adapting them to the women of today. With them I make wedding dresses and other special occasions to measure, completely personalized and also recreations very personal to the taste of every woman who comes to see me.

I have a special preference for Victorian, Edwardian and 1920s and 1930s textile pieces. Their quality, motifs, colours and textures are my weakness and I see in them an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I love that they tell me stories. Mostly of love…


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